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Read an article about ITK president Natan Obed’s reaction to the 2018 federal budget.

“That is a game changer, if you will, for self determination,” he said. “In previous budgets, we would have to guess where we might fit or not fit in First Nations specific funding announcements, or in general Canadian announcements.”

“We’re not talking about millions of people here,” he said. “There are only 65,000 in Inuit Nunangat. So surely, in this country, we can find ways to provide services in a blanketing approach, and then also work on social determinants as well.”

Obed highlighted a multi-pronged approach to fight tuberculosis, focusing on community outreach, awareness, and addressing root causes of poor health such as food and housing security, though he stressed the group had not yet finalized details.

“I’m confident we can eliminate tuberculosis,” he said. “I’m confident in Minister [of Indigenous Services] Philpott’s approach, and also her commitment.”

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