Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

The National Representational Organization Protecting and Advancing the Rights and Interests of Inuit in Canada

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Canadian Inuit Prospering Through
Unity and Self-Determination

Who We Are

We represent Canada’s 65,000 Inuit, most of whom live in communities spread across Inuit Nunangat, our homeland in Canada.

What We Do

We produce advice, knowledge, strategies, action plans, policy tools and learning resources to protect and advance the rights and interests of Inuit in Canada.

About Inuit

An Indigenous people, we have occupied Inuit Nunangat – roughly 35% of Canada’s landmass and 50% of its coastline – since time immemorial.

Donations to ITK

Your donations help us advocate for Inuit, strengthen Inuit communities and build a Canada in which Inuit thrive.

Our communities face significant social and economic challenges around issues such as education, health, poverty and housing.

ITK is taking action to address these complex challenges through research, political advocacy, and public outreach and education.

We have made great strides but we need your help to achieve our vision of a Canada in which Inuit are prospering through unity and self-determination. Canada prospers when its most vulnerable citizens prosper. By donating today, you will play a role in advancing the critical work of building a more equitable and prosperous Canada.

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Our Board

Natan Obed

President | ITK
Canada’s National Inuit Leader

Monica Ell-Kanayuk

Vice-President | ITK
President and Vice-Chair | Inuit Circumpolar Council (Canada)

Duane Smith

Chair and CEO | Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Aluki Kotierk

President | Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated

Charlie Watt Sr.

President | Makivik Corporation

Johannes Lampe

President | Nunatsiavut Government

Rebecca Kudloo

President | Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Crystal Martin-Lapenskie

President | National Inuit Youth Council

Latest News

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Inuit Tapiriikkut Kanatami Tunngasuktitsiningit Tusaqtitaunirminnik Edmonton-mit Canada-mi Aqsaqtimmariit Pinnguaqtingita Atsiqtausimanituqaminnik Aturungniiqtittiniarnirminnut

By Announcements, Uncategorized @iuq

Inuit Tapiriikkut Kanatami tunngasuktitsilauqput tusaqtitaujjutiminnik Edmonton-mit Canada-mi Aqsaqtimmariit Pinnguaqtingita Katimajinginnit atsiqtausimanituqaminnik aturungniiqtittiniarnirminnik taimannganituqamit nalunaikkutarisimaliqtaminnik aqsaqtiullutik ammalu asijjiisimalirniarnirmut nutaanut, suli isumaliurutiusimanani atirilirniaqtaminnut.

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Inuit Tapiriikkunnut Kanatami Katimajingita katimaqatigiinningit tarrijautirlaktigut

By Uncategorized @iuq

Iagijauqataujut Inuit Tapiriikkunnut Kanatami Katimajinginnut katinnganiqalauqput tarrijautirlaktigut tallimangautillugu aaqqiktauvagiiqsimalluni katimaqatigiinniriniaqtaminnut maliksugu. Katimajiujut uqallausiqalauqtut gavamatuqakkut maligannguqtittivallianingannik atuliqtitauqullugit United Nation-kut Nalunaiqsijjutingannik Nunaqaqqaarsimajuit Pijunnautiqarninginnut ammalu atuliqtitauqullugit ikajuqtugausimaliqujinirmut tiliurisimalirutiujut Canada-mi Qaujigiarutigillugit Naalangniqalaurnirmit Inuaqtausimajut ammalu Asiujijausimajunut Nunaqaqqaarsimajuit Arnanginit Niviaqsianginnillu.

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Canada-mi IPSE-nut Parnautiit

By IPSE, Publications

Taakkua qanuilingaqujiningita titiqqaqutiliarisimajavut takuksautittivut Kanatami Inuit sivulliujjauqujangit Gavamatuqakkut piqujangani, atuliqtitauqullugu Nunarjuat Katujjiqatigiit Ilisaqsisimaningingnik Nunaqaqqaaqsimajut Inuit Pijunnautingingnik. Titiraqsimauqput niriunnirijaujunik ammalu sivulliujjauqu- jaujunik qanutigi ammalu attuiniqaqtitaunasuarningingnik piqujap, nalunaiqsimallutillu piqujaqtigut ilulirijangit taakkua Inuit piqasiutiqujangit piqujaksami, ammaluttauq titiraqsimagillutit niriunnirijausimajut piqujaq pivalliagutigijauvallianingata aulaninganik. Tamanna qanuilingaqujinitta titiqqaliarisimajavut marruungnik titiqqaliarijaulauqsimajuungnik 2017-ngutillugu taakkununga Inuit Tapiriit Kanatamikkunnut pivalliagutigigiaqtausimavut qanuilingaqujinitta titiraqsimajut ammalu uqausiqariarutauniaqtunik. Taakkua ilagiarutigijausimajuuk titiqqaak aaqqisuqtaulauqsimammatik ammalu angiqtaulauqsimallutit Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami aulattijingitigut ammalu titiqqaliarijausimajuuk tukisigiaqtittigutaunginnaqput Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami qanuilingaqujiningit piqujaksaliarijaujup miksaanut.

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