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Nain, Nunatsiavut

No NumberOpen MeetingRead
No NumberAdoption of AgendaRead
No NumberConsent AgendaRead
No NumberApproval of Workplan and BudgetRead
No NumberApproval of Audited Financial StatementsRead
No NumberAppointment of AuditorsRead
No NumberITK Endowment FundRead
No NumberInuit Arctic TourRead
No NumberAboriginal Health Reporting Framework AppointmentRead
No NumberITK and National Inuit Youth Council RelationshipRead
No NumberAdjournmentRead
No NumberNuclear Fuel WasteRead
No NumberNational Native Addictions Preventions Program ReviewRead
No NumberNational Inuit Youth CouncilRead
No NumberNational Inuit Housing ProgramRead
No NumberNational Inuit Housing Advisory Working GroupRead