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Inuvik N.W.T

A11-09-01Approval of Call to Order
A11-09-02Approval of Confirmation of Members
A11-09-03Approval of Adoption of Agenda
A11-09-04Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes
A11-09-05Approval of 2010/2011 Audited Financial Statements
A11-09-06Approval of Appointment of Auditors
A11-09-07Approval of By-Law #5 Amendments
A11-09-08Approval of By-Law #6 Amendments
A11-09-09Approval of Inuit Trade in Polar Bear
A11-09-10Approval of Inuit Guided Polar Bear Hunts
A11-09-11Approval of National Inuit Climate Change Committee Terms of Reference (ToR)
A11-09-12Approval of Pauktuutit for Inuit Woman Representation
A11-09-13Approval of Search and Rescue
A11-09-14Approval of Mental Health
A11-09-15Approval of Adjournment