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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Lives: Inuit Oral Health Action Plan 2013

By April 23, 2013 No Comments

ITK is pleased to present “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Lives: Inuit Oral Health Action Plan 2013”. The Action Plan envisions a future where all levels of governments, health policy makers and Inuit organizations work together with communities to address the root causes of poor oral health among Inuit, and create an environment where prevention is emphasized and access to treatment reaches the standard of care widely available to other Canadians.

  • Currently the rates of dental decay among Inuit are two to three times higher than the average Canadian.
  • 85% of 3-5 years olds have or have had a cavity.

To address these disparities, ITK has collaborated with Inuit Regions to create the Action Plan. Its eight Areas of Action call for a focus on prevention initiatives, improvements in access to dental care and to nutritious foods, engagement of parents and caregivers, and a call to strengthen leadership. The Action Plan places emphases on increasing the number of Inuit oral health service providers, with an aim to bring services closer to home.