Government of the Northwest Territories moved from Ottawa to Yellowknife

Event Date: Monday, September 18, 1967

On September 18, 1967 Commissioner Stuart Hodgson and 51 of his staff relocated their offices from Ottawa to Yellowknife by charter aircraft, with two truckloads of records, office equipment, and supplies following by road.

The move came as a result of recommendations made by the Carrothers Commission, formally called “The Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories”, established by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson in April of 1963. The commission conducted a number of surveys in the NWT during 1965 and 1966 and recommended that the government of the Northwest Territories should be located in the Northwest Territories. Furthermore, he recommended that many of the responsibilities (including education, public works, social assistance, and local government) then held by the federal government should be transferred to the territorial level.

Deputy Commissioner of the NWT hangs up the Government of the Northwest Territories sign in Yellowknife
This image was published in the Fall/Winter 1967 issue of Inuktitut Magazine