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Inuktitut Magazine

Inuktitut – 1980 Spring

In this issue:
Anniversary Issue
1965 Exploration in the North
1966 Mary Panegoosho and Lead Idlout
1967 The Long Wait– Pilot Rescued after 58 Days
1968 Women’s Page
1969 Poet’s Corner
Pictures from Our Past
1970 Inuit to Japan – A visit to Osaka Expo
1971 Jessie Oonark– Artist
1972 Nowya Completes her R.N.A. Course
1973 The Tree Man– An Inuit Story from Alaska
1974 Remembering Old Times
1975 Recognition Better Late Than Never
1976 The Eskimo War
1977 Saqpi’s Killings
1978 Christmas Time in Northern Labrador
1979 Hockey, Canada’s No. 1 Winter Sport