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Inuktitut Magazine

Inuktitut – Issue 116

In the latest issue of Inuktitut Magazine, we give you front row seats to a historic reindeer crossing in Inuvialuit. The occasion helped mark the 80th anniversary of reindeer herding in the region, a celebration that included Saami herders, successors to those who originally taught the art to Inuvialuit herders eight decades before.

These pages are also used to tell the tragic story of Abraham Ulrikab and his family. The Labrador Inuit were asked to join a travelling series of ethnographical shows where they were put on display in zoos for European audiences. The family never made it home after succumbing to smallpox and their remains still have not been returned to Labrador soil. Click through to read about current efforts to finally get Ulrikab and his family home.

These are just a couple of the stories of tragedy and possibility from across Inuit Nunangat found within the latest issue.