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Inuktitut Magazine

Inuktitut – Issue 120

In the current issue of Inuktitut magazine, on its way to communities throughout Inuit Nunangat now, Paul Aningat shows us Arviat as an Arviarmiutaq sees it. Paul has been sharing images of his community on the photo-sharing website Flickr since 2012. He’s not the only one using social media to share some insights into his community and his culture. We talk to Inuit behind some popular Facebook groups to learn how they are using the ubiquitous tool to connect with each other and reach a global audience. We also bring you the story of young people in two different regions who have been spending time away from their computer screens to keep two different traditions in their communities alive. ITK launched the National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy this summer in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, where Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe touched on the role relocation has played in shaping the current crisis. We share his speech with you here. ITK President Natan Obed also uses these pages to discuss how he plans to roll out the strategy.