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ITK Board of Directors, Delegates, Reaffirm United Opposition to Illegitimate Identity Claims at Nain AGM

By September 29, 2023 No Comments

September 29, 2023 – Nain, Nunatsiavut

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami hosted its Board of Directors meeting September 27 in Nain, followed by its Annual General Meeting on September 28.

During the Board meeting, Directors endorsed a shared responsibility governance model to contribute to the reform of the federal Inuit Child First Initiative (ICFI). ICFI was created through the Inuit Crown Partnership Committee (ICPC) in 2018 as an interim equivalent to Jordan’s Principal. A federal commitment to ICFI reform based on the shared responsibility governance model would ensure that the long-term initiative becomes more accessible and accountable to Inuit.

The ITK Board also endorsed ITK’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Framework, which provides direction for developing a holistic, Inuit-specific strategy to address the symptoms and causes of poverty across Inuit Nunangat. The forthcoming Strategy is a deliverable of ITK’s Strategy and Action Plan.

The Board approved regional funding allocations for the following initiatives:

  • $25 million for the National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy, money that will be distributed to ITK and the four Inuit Treaty Organizations over five years, with annual reviews.
  • $20.9 million to implement the Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey over the next two years, for distribution to the four Inuit Treaty Organizations, ITK, and an urban pilot survey in Ottawa.
  • $78.7 million to Inuit Early Learning and Childcare Infrastructure between now and 2034. This is the first major investment in the design, acquisition, renovation and continued operation of infrastructure for Inuit Early Learning and Child Care.

Directors also heard an update on work towards developing a National Inuit Identification Card, to ensure Inuit are able to identify themselves and their land claims enrollment status both within Canada and abroad. A working group has been formed to engage with government to secure the funding and legislative reform required to advance a national-recognized form of identification for Inuit.

The Board of Directors and AGM delegates passed a resolution on Thursday re-affirming that the NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) is not an Inuit collective, its members are not capable of holding Indigenous rights under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution and it has no viable claim to Inuit land in Labrador.

Delegates expressed concerns about NCC’s efforts to access federal funding intended for Inuit-specific programs and services. ITK continues to denounce NCC’s unsubstantiated claims, which undermine the legitimacy of established land claims while diverting resources away from legitimate Inuit.

The week began with a community feast and an event delivered by ITK, the Nunatsiavut Government, the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies and Canada Goose to give away six pallets’ worth of fabric, lining, thread and fur donated by the Toronto-based winter apparel company.

Also at this year’s AGM, ITK President Natan Obed handed out the 2023 ITK Award for Inuit Excellence to Julie Dicker, an educator and school principal at Jens Haven Memorial in Nain. Dicker is the first Inuk to serve as principal at Jens Haven and is an enthusiastic supporter of Inuktut learning and physical education.

ITK released its Annual Report, which contains an overview of the organization’s work, financial statements and work accomplished through the Inuit Crown Partnership Committee.

ITK’s 2024 AGM will be held in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.