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Ottawa, ON

B24-05-01Approval of Agenda
B24-05-02Approval of Minutes
B24-05-03National Inuit Committee on Employment, Labour, and Skills Development
B24-05-04Urban Inuit Sub-Committee
B24-05-05Funding Allocation Human Health Resources – Inuit Paraprofessional Workforce
B24-05-06Funding Allocations for the Indigenous Health Equity Fund
B24-05-07Inuit-Specific Funding Formula and Allocations
B24-05-08Funding Allocations for the 2024-2025 Research Training and Capacity Building Funding
B24-05-09Allocation and Identification of Recipients for King Charles III Coronation Medal
B24-05-10Funding Allocations for the Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy
B24-05-11In-Camera Session
B24-05-12Out of Camera