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Participants at Nunavut mental health meeting debate role of elders
Nunatsiaq News
A new territorial Mental Health Act, currently under revision by the Nunavut government, must walk a fine line between respecting the rights of the individual while sometimes forcing a person to seek help. That was one of many issues discussed Nov. 26 ...

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Report on Nunavut baby's death to be released Nov. 30
Nunatsiaq News
The Government of Nunavut is set to release the much-anticipated report on the circumstances surrounding the 2012 death of 3-month-old Makibi Timilak of Cape Dorset, a news release issued late Nov. 27 said. Health Minister Paul Okalik and the report's ...

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Nunavut premier announces big management shake-up at GN
Nunatsiaq News
Terry Audla, the former president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, will become president of the Nunavut Housing Corp. as of Jan. 11, 2016. Audla is also a former executive director of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and chief executive officer of Nunavut ...

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Paris Climate Talks: Arctic May Benefit From Strategies for Climate Change ...
... is the leading edge of climate change. (It's) our leading indicator of what the entire planet faces,โ€ President Obama told foreign ministers from around the world meeting last summer in Anchorage that he came to Alaska to draw attention to climate ...

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UK fashion house pulls copied Inuit design: here's the full apology
Fashion designers KTZ have apologized to the Inuit great-granddaughter of a shaman whose design they copied. On Wednesday, Salome Awa, who is also a producer at CBC North, told us that the sweater being sold by KTZ for over $900 was a copy of her ...

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Nunavik leaders hopeful Trudeau government will deliver on social housing
Nunatsiaq News
KUUJJUAQ โ€” Nunavik is up against the clock again, waiting for Ottawa to confirm funding to pay for its share of social housing in the region for 2016. The region's most recent five-year, tri-partite housing agreement with the governments of Quebec and ...

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Alberta Securities Commission And Nunavut Securities Office Publish Proposed ...
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The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and Nunavut Securities Office recently published for comment proposed Multilateral Instrument 45-109 Prospectus Exemption for Start-Up Businesses (the Proposed Exemption). The Proposed Exemption aims to ...

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Nunavut language authority underspends, stalls on mandate
Nunatsiaq News
Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit chair Mary Thompson, left, and the organization's new executive director Jeela Palluq-Cloutier following their appearance Nov. 25 before the Nunavut legislature's Standing Committee on Oversight of Government ...

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Russia in the Arctic: aggressive or cooperative?
In the High North, Russia is often seen as taking an aggressive approach to assert its sovereignty and the West have been worried about Russia's involvement in the region, especially after the Ukrainian Crisis and the Russian position in Syria. However ...

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Calgary researcher scours old ship logbooks for climate change clues
"All of the ships that travelled had to keep logbooks and there were certain things that had to be recorded in log books, weather conditions being one of them," said Murray, director of the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary.
Calgary prof to scour old ship's logs for climate dataMetroNews Canada

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Canadian retailer pulls 'stolen' sacred Inuit design from stores
It's a sacred Inuit parka that has been copied and sold for big bucks by a European fashion label. On Wednesday, As It Happens spoke to Salome Awa, the great-granddaughter of the shaman who designed the parka. She says the fashion company KTZ stole ...

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Climate change consequences for people in Canada's Arctic deserves more ...
The polar bear has become somewhat of an international symbol for the consequences of climate change but some researchers say more work needs to be done on how the disappearing sea ice affects people who call the Arctic home. Climate change is ...
Inuit Circumpolar Council to promote Arctic agenda at COP 21Nunatsiaq News

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