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Is Obama Actually A Good President For The Environment?
Temperatures in the Arctic are rising twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, so climate change and its devastating effects are immediate concerns. Just as there are ...

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Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut government wants you to cycle the globe for suicide prevention
Nunatsiaq News
The Government of Nunavut wants you to get active for suicide prevention. The GN is once again inviting Nunavummiut to take part in Cycle Around the Globe, held in advance of World Suicide Prevention Day, Sept. 10. That's when community teams are ...

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MOV to Present 'Arctic Adaptations,' 10/8-12/13
Broadway World
Following the age of polar exploration in the 20th century, modern architecture encroached on this remote and vast region of Canada in the name of sovereignty, aboriginal affairs management, or trade, among others. Throughout the last 100 years, ...

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Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut college won't re-open Ukkivik residence in Iqaluit
Nunatsiaq News
An April 2015 forced Nunavut Arctic College to relocate students accommodations and program space from its Ukkivik residence. The college now says the residence won't re-open anytime soon. (FILE PHOTO). Nunavut Arctic College won't re-open its ...

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Will the full rage of Arctic climate change make Obama's Alaska trip less ...
Yesterday, he warned that countries attending the summit, including the US, are not doing enough to stop global warming, and said now was the time “to protect the one planet we've got while we still can.” But he's getting a very mixed bag of reviews ...

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Al Jazeera America

America's Arctic blunder
Al Jazeera America
Mincing no words, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2013, “The Arctic is an unalienable part of the Russian Federation that has been under our sovereignty for a few centuries. And it will be so for the time to come.” In August of this year ...
Arctic Nations Battle For Territory but North Pole Development might take yearsTimes Gazette

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Center for Research on Globalization

Climate Change – Smoke Screen in Arctic Geopolitical Play”
Center for Research on Globalization
RT: President Barack Obama attended Monday a US-led international conference on the Arctic, held in Anchorage, Alaska. The White House was promoting the trip as part of Obama's push for climate change action. How important is the Arctic region and this ...

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Adapt or die: Arctic animals cope with climate change
Ny-Alesund, Norway: When it comes to coping with climate change in the Arctic region, which is warming at three times the global average, some animals are more equal than others. Migrating Barnacle geese that fly north to lay eggs amid the Norwegian ...

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Vladimir Putin's Soviet Dream
Project Syndicate
... “conservative values” as an ideological counterweight to the American-led liberal world order. Nonetheless, key issues – the carnage in Syria, the fight against the Islamic State, nuclear non-proliferation, and conflicting interests and competing ...

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Atlas Obscura

The Socialite Who Stopped at Nothing to Hunt Down Ancient Music
Atlas Obscura
Boulton spent the next 30 years conducting musical expeditions in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Arctic and America, where she describes her mission as nothing short of total: “To capture, absorb, and bring back the world's music; not the music of the ...

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The Japan Times

Artic animals that can't cope with climate change face death
The Japan Times
NY-ALESUND, NORWAY – When it comes to coping with climate change in the Arctic region, which is warming at three times the global average, some animals are more equal than others. Migrating barnacle geese, which fly north to lay eggs amid the ...
Adapt or die: Arctic animals cope with climate changePhys.Org

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The Next Not-So-Cold War: As Climate Change Heats Arctic, Nations Scramble for ...
On Monday, Obama highlighted the dangers posed by climate change in the region. "Arctic temperatures are rising about twice as fast as the global average," Obama said. "Over the past 60 years, Alaska has warmed about twice as fast as the rest of the ...
Global warming in the Arctic brews severe winters from US to Asia: studyLivemint
Climate Change: US and Russia Relations Tense as Arctic Circle WarmsClapway
Global Warming Heats Up in Arctic Sea, Tension Rises Between US and RussiaTimes Gazette
KRWG News22 -Immortal News
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Rapid News Network

Will Russia and China beat US in the Arctic?
The Times (subscription)
As ice turns to navigable ocean, the Arctic is turning into the U.S.'s third nice ocean border, creating vexing strategic challenges and unprecedented alternatives. These embrace not solely local weather change, however threats to nationwide ...
Clashes in Ukraine injure 100 officers after vote on eastKTUL
Ukraine police officer killed, 100 others injured in clashesWQOW TV News 18
US President Barack Obama to host several countries interested in Arctic atRapid News Network

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Space Daily

NASA to Study Arctic Climate Change Ecosystem Impacts
Space Daily
As part of a broad effort to study the environmental and societal effects of climate change, NASA has begun a multi-year field campaign to investigate ecological impacts of the rapidly changing climate in Alaska and northwestern Canada, such as the ...
Joint Statement on Climate Change and the ArcticThe Arctic Journal
NASA to explore climate change impacts in the ArcticThe Space Reporter
Climate change a 'grave' threat, global leaders sayWashington Examiner

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Alaska Dispatch News

If you're going to talk about arctic shipping, talk to Alaska's tribes
Alaska Dispatch News
As domestic dependent nations, Indian tribes exercise inherent sovereign powers over their members and territory.” Based on this principle, President Clinton directed federal agencies “When undertaking to formulate and implement policies that have ...

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Arctic meeting highlights absence of climate change in election debate
“Thanks to our actions we saw the development of a portal to help communities adapt to climate change and the development and signing of a landmark agreement to enhance reductions of black carbon and methane in the Arctic,” Ted Laking said in an email ...
Why Did China Opt Out of the Arctic Climate Change Statement?The Diplomat
Obama deplores climate change in the Arctic, but will deploy more icebreakers ...Quartz
NASA to study Arctic climate change ecosystem impactsPhys.Org
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The Guardian

Morrissey attacks Australian plan to cull 2 million feral cats
The Guardian
The former Smiths frontman, who released an album called Meat is Murder, has been a vegetarian since he was 11 and has previously railed against McDonald's in Canada over its seal cull and celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver for the promotion of meat ...

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NewsBusters (blog)

NBC Treks to Arctic Alaska to Find 'America's First Climate Change Refugees ...
NewsBusters (blog)
Offering no opposing viewpoint on global warming, McFadden heavily promoted Cheryl Rosa with the U.S. Arctic Research Commission since she's been tasked with listening to residents of affected villages and then “report back to the White House.”.
Washed Away: Obama's Arctic Visit Buoys Climate

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Summit County Citizens Voice

NASA to take big-picture look at Arctic climate change
Summit County Citizens Voice
“It's an area that's warming with climate change, and there's a lot of potential for permafrost degradation, especially with these massive fires burning off the organic soil layer.” The field campaign will provide an opportunity to study how Arctic ...
NASA to Study Arctic Climate Change Ecosystem Impacts with New ABoVE CampaignScience World Report
NASA To Study 'Arctic Climate Change' Ecosystem Impacts: Urgent Action NeededKRWG News22
3 Issues Obama Should Discuss, Besides Climate Change, as He Heads to the ArcticABC News
CTV News -The Space Reporter
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Waterloo Record

Rivals 'enemies' of sovereign Quebec: Bloc
Waterloo Record
He refused to say what a poor showing would mean for the provincial Parti Quebecois and for sovereignty itself. "I am not a prophet," he said. Duceppe said there are more than 50 days left in the campaign and the Bloc is currently where the NDP was in ...

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