Media Monitoring for Sunday October 04, 2015

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Huffington Post Canada

What the Liberals, Greens and NDP Have to Say on Mining in Canada
Huffington Post Canada
Greens will reinforce Canada's Arctic sovereignty through community infrastructure development, job training, regional sustainability projects, northern research, northern culture and other regional socioeconomic activities. We will promote the ...

2 hours 47 min ago in 'Arctic Sovereignty'

Huffington Post Canada

Nunavut Housing Shortage Felt By Many In Iglookik
Huffington Post Canada
Half of Nunavut lives in social housing and many of the units are overcrowded. "I've seen as high as 22 people staying in a three-bedroom unit that was 1,200 square feet," said Lori Kimball, the president and CEO of the Nunavut Housing Corporation.

and more » 6 hours 32 min ago in 'Inuit Nunangat'

PM has ceded Arctic to Putin
Toronto Star
A bold Stephen Harper, announcing a Canadian arctic fleet in July 2007, said, “Canada has a choice when it comes to defending our sovereignty in the Arctic; either we use it or we lose it . . . And make no mistake this government intends to use it ...

21 hours 18 min ago in 'Arctic Sovereignty'
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