Climate action in Inuit Nunangat must be based on an Inuit vision of our resilience in the face of our rapidly changing environment.

No one is more aware of the changes taking place in our homeland, and we are seeking meaningful partnerships to achieve Inuit-driven climate actions.

We understand the complexity and diversity of the impact climate change has on our environment. For climate action to be effective, appropriate, sustainable, and equitable across Inuit Nunangat, our strategy must be based on Inuit knowledge and leadership.

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Our guiding principles inform all of the work that we do.

  • rights and self-determination
  • leadership and resilience
  • long-term and holistic

Our climate strategy advances Inuit determined actions to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of our communities in the face of a rapidly changing climate and landscape.

Vision and Purpose

The National Inuit Climate Change Strategy (NICCS) is the collective Inuit plan for climate action. It outlines the core actions we need to take to protect our culture, language, and way of life.


We are focused on 5 priority areas:
1. knowledge and capacity building; 2. health, well-being, and the environment; 3. food systems; 4. infrastructure; and 5. energy.


Read our full Climate Change Strategy document, and find other resources about Inuit.

How to Work With Us

We are seeking partnerships with organizations who wish to work with Inuit to achieve the actions outlined in our climate strategy.