National Inuit Leader Terry Audla, President of ITK

ITK President, Terry Audla

Terry Audla was born in Frobisher Bay, NWT in 1970, raised in Resolute Bay, son of Walter and Rynie Audla, and descendant of the High Arctic Exiles who had been relocated from Inukjuaq, QC in 1953 & 1955.

Father of son, Nigel (18) and daughter, Celina (13). Terry is also fluent in both Inuktitut and English.

In February 2011 Terry Audla became the Chief Executive Officer of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated.

Terry Audla had previously worked for the Qikiqtani Inuit Association for the past seventeen years. During that time he has worked in progressively more demanding positions, and helped QIA expand its capacity and professionalism. His long experience at QIA has also deepened his understanding of what Inuit want from the NLCA, and helped him acquire the skills needed to successfully lead a large Inuit organization.

Terry’s Accomplishments
1993 - 1995
In 1993 Inuit signed the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA) and became owners of 300,000 square kilometers of their own land. Starting that year Terry was a participant, as Lands Officer, with the Regional Inuit Associations and NTI Land Management regime working together to:

  • Develop rules and procedures to the management of those lands;
  • Create the local Community Land And Resources Committee (CLARCs) to assist in the management of those lands;
  • Bring to QIA’s attention the specific Inuit right of Kimmirut beneficiaries can obtain lands (Article 8.3.11 of the NLCA.

1995 - 1998
Terry then worked as the Implementation Coordinator (1995) where he:

  • Developed workplans and monitored to ensure the proper implementation of the NCLA of QIA as a designated Inuit organization (DIO);
  • Facilitated workshops to the Board, Staff of QIA and to the Baffin Regional Youth Council on the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.

In 1998 Terry was seconded to the Office of the Interim Commissioner as Manager of Implementation in the Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs to:

  • Support the transition of NLCA obligations from the GNWT to the newly created Government of Nunavut;
  • Sit as a member of the Nunavut Implementation Panel
  • Participate in the Independent 5 Year Review of the Implementation of the NLCA;
  • Negotiate and draft the Nunavummi Nanngminiqaqtunit Ikajuuti (NNI) Policy to assist Inuit Firms to win government contracts as per Article 24 of the NLCA.

1999 – 2001
As QIA Director of Lands Terry:

  • Developed common terminology and understanding of what is involved with the management of Inuit Owned Lands
  • Authored the “QIA CLARC Manual”
  • Visited all 13 communities in the Qikiqtaaluk
  • Developed the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Lands Department
  • Continued the fight for Kimmirut beneficiaries to obtain lands under Article 8.3.11 .

2001 – 2010 In 2001 QIA hired Terry to be its Executive Director. In that period Terry helped to establish:

  • More accountability and transparency at staff and Board levels;
  • The QIA Department of Social Policy, which has contributed greatly to:
    • GN policy and legislation (the Education Act and the Inuktitut Language Protection Act);
    • Elders, Youth and Women initiatives (Sprouts Program, Women’s Conference);
    • Recording of Inuit Oral History through the Niutaq Cultural Institute,
    • Publishing of books on Inuit Culture, Legends and History, as well as numerous publications for children such as the “Kaakuluk” series and wildlife
    • Advocacy for Inuit individuals in need of support.
  • Tighter rules to improve the accountability and profitability of Qikiqtaaluk Corporation;
  • The QC Investment Advisory Committee to help guide investment decisions.
  • The Qikiqtani Truth Commission to investigate dog slaughters, relocations of Inuit from traditional camps into communities, the history of the establishment of communities, housing, and education in the 1950s to 1970s, and the lack of Inuit inclusion in the decision making of that era;
  • Negotiations for an Inuit Impacts and Benefit Agreement (IIBA) with the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation
  • A Memorandum of Understanding with Baffinland for Inuit employment and contracting during the bulk sampling stage of the Mary River Project;
  • The Nunalinngni Aulajjariatiit (Community Initiatives Program) under which QIA has given communities approximately $2,000,000 in funding towards community driven initiatives (Elder Vehicle with chairlift in Pangnirtung, Cultural/Harvesting Camp Trips with Elders and Youth, Isuma Productions on Harvesting Methods, publications on land mammals).

Terry’s recent accomplishments at QIA and NTI include:

  • Successful conclusion of the Section 8.3.11 requirement of government to transfer lands to Kimmirummiut (a 15 year process of which Terry is particularly proud to see the conclusion of)
  • A court injunction to stop federal government seismic testing in Lancaster Sound that may harm wildlife and the harvesting rights of Inuit who were not meaningfully consulted; and
  • QIA’s project to digitize all archived maps dating back to 1915 of Inuit Traditional Land Use and Occupancy.
  • Successfully assisted in the sanctioning of the Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated’s new “Closer to the Inuit” initiative which will streamline NTI and RIA relations and bring further accountability to the beneficiaries when properly implemented.
  • Finalizing the Inuit Resource Sharing Policy of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and was influential in building consensus among the Regional Inuit Associations and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated.