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Collective Kitchen/Baby Food Making

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

Our goal is to help families consume more fruits and vegetables in their everyday diets and cook healthy meals. We teach the nutritional values that fruits and vegetables hold, how to best cook with them and how preserve or store them. We focus on strengthening the families that we work with and this is one of the many ways that we help them to feel valued as parents.


Very time consuming, funding for part-time worker

Traditional Knowledge

Through story telling, supporting ones values, traditions and knowledge as they share with one another. Sharing traditional food when it’s available and learning new traditions as they are being taught about cooking, planting and consuming healthy food.

Lead Organization

Healthy Foods for Children and Youth Funds

Other Groups / Organizations

Public Health, dietician, nutritionist: come and deliver information for the groups on the benefits of healthy eating, like healthy teeth, brains, bodies etc.

Wellness workers: teach about traditional values, stories, traditions etc


Short term (up to 1 year)