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Nunavik Breakfasts

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
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Summary of the Initiative

Nunavik Breakfasts is a cooperative program involving Breakfast Club Canada, Kativik Regional Government, Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and the Kativik School Board.
Schools provide two week breakfast menus which are organized by the Federation Cooperative Northern Quebec with donations from Breakfast Club Canada.
Deliveries are provided by Air Inuit to each community.
Special person (s) plus school staff volunteers provide breakfasts to all students of all ages and grades.
Community partners may be involved through community kitchens or school kitchens.
Some schools will have students involved in the program.


Ensuring people in each school organize the daily needs in order to have breakfasts available to students.
Weather issues for flights to arrive on time.
Safe storage of foods.

Lead Organization

Kativik School Board

Other Groups / Organizations

Breakfast Club of Canada collects donations from southern Quebec and delivers them to the Montreal warehouse of Federation Cooperatives of Northern Quebec for delivery to schools.
Kativik Regional Government provides yearly funding to offset costs (some once only funding for coolers and freezers for foo storage).
Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services supports Nunavik Breakfast through funding and expertise on nutritious foods (Nutritionist).
Kativik School Board provides cereals and long life milk.




Longer Term (over 1 year)

Kativik Regional Government Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services Kativik School Board Breakfast Club of Canada via donations