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June 21, 2016 — Together with the members of our Inuit Food Security Working Group, ITK has created an online tool designed to help share knowledge and increase knowledge about Inuit food banks, breakfast programs, country food programs and community freezers in Canada.

It’s called Nuluaq, an interactive map that showcases community food initiatives that are helping to make food more accessible in Inuit Nunangat. Representatives from northern food security initiatives contribute all of the information that is posted and they can share as much or as little information as they are comfortable with.

Nuluaq means net in Inuktitut. We chose the name the tool gathers information about community-based food security initiatives in the same way that a net can be used to gather food.

The map currently highlights initiatives ranging from the greenhouse in Kuujjuaq, to the food bank in Gjoa Haven, to the school breakfast program in Aklavik. It promotes these projects, facilitates partnerships between food security initiatives, and draws attention to food insecurity in Inuit communities.

Nuluaq illustrates the critical role of community-based food security initiatives and the need for ongoing support. Whether you are involved in a community-based initiative or simply interested in learning more, visit to explore the interactive mapping tool. If your initiative is not listed, please follow the instructions to join this growing network.

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