Inuit Child First Initiative

What is the Inuit Child First Initiative?

The Inuit Child First Initiative (ICFI) ensures Inuit children have access to the essential health, social and educational products, services and supports they need, when they need them.
ICFI recognizes intergenerational trauma from the legacy of colonization and all requests are reviewed with a substantive equality lens.

Who can access the Inuit Child First Initiative?

All Inuit children, no matter where they live in Canada, can request funding through the Inuit Child First Initiative. The child must be recognized by an Inuit land claim organization and the child must be under the age of majority in their province/territory of residence. In some regions if your child is not a registered Inuit Land Claims Beneficiary but at least one of their parents are, you can provide their parent’s beneficiary registration information. If you have questions you can contact your regional focal point.

Any Parent/Guardian or a designate determined by the Parent/Guardian can submit a request.

A youth between the ages of 16 to the age of majority in their Province or Territory  can apply directly for programs and services that they require

Toll-Free Line at 1-855-572-4453 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Jordan’s Principle / Inuit Child First Initiative National Call Centre

Who was Jordan?

In memory of Jordan River Anderson
October 22, 1999–February 2, 2005
“Jordan could not talk, yet people around the world heard his message. Jordan could not breathe on his own and yet he has given the breath of life to other children. Jordan could not walk, but he has taken steps that governments are now just learning to follow.” – Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director First Nations Child & Family Caring Society
Jordan River Anderson was a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba who was born in 1999 with multiple disabilities. He lived over two years in a hospital because federal and provincial governments could not agree on who would pay for his at-home care. The reason for this is that federal and provincial/territorial governments cannot agree on which government should pay for services to First Nations children on reserves, so they typically do not provide the service until they can reconcile any payment issues. Unfortunately, Jordan died at the age of 5 before he could experience living in a loving home.
Jordan’s death ignited a movement to uphold human rights for all First Nations children through the creation of the child-first principle called “Jordan’s Principle.”
For more information, visit First Nations Child & Family Caring Society

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How to Apply for the Inuit Child First Initiative in my Region?

Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Inuit CFI Coordinator


Indigenous Services Canada Regional Focal Point – Northern Region

1-866-848-5846 (Requests)   [email protected]

1-866-848-5846 (Payments)


Arctic Children and Youth Foundation


Indigenous Services Canada Regional Focal Point – Northern Region

1-866-848-5846 (Requests)   [email protected]

1-866-848-5846 (Payments)


Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services: Nunavik Child First Initiative (CFI) | L’Initiative les Enfants d’Abord Nunavik (IEA)

1-833-405-1234   [email protected]
Toll Free: 1-844-964-2244 

Indigenous Services Canada Regional Focal Point – Quebec

(All Inquiries)   [email protected]


Nunatsiavut Child Services Workers

Nain: 709-922-2126 ext. 250
Hopedale: 709-933-3220
Postville: 709-479-9878 ext. 2006
Makkovik: 709-923-2340
Rigolet: 709-947-3328 ext. 268
Upper Lake Melville Area: 709-896-5494 -or- 709-896-5495

Indigenous Services Canada Regional Focal Point – Atlantic Region

(All Inquiries)   [email protected]


Tungasuvvingat Inuit Child First Initiative Coordinator

(613) 565-5885

Inuuqatigiit Inuit Child First Initiative Coordinator


Ottawa Health Services Network Inc (OHSNI)

613-523-7822 Ext. 127   [email protected]

Indigenous  Services Canada Focal Point – Ontario

613-618-1833 (Requests)    [email protected]
613-618-1833 (Payments)   sac.principedejordanfinance-on-financejordansprinciple.isc

Other Provinces and Regions

British Columbia

778-951-0716 (Requests) [email protected]
778-951-0716 (Payments)


780-495-8340 (All Inquiries) [email protected]


1-833-752-4453 (Requests)
1-833-752-4453 (Payment Inquiries) [email protected]


204-391-6083 (Requests) [email protected]
204-894-8858 (Payment Inquiries) [email protected]

Manitoba Inuit Association
1-800-948-7804   [email protected]

Yukon, NWT and Nunavut

1-866-848-5846 (Requests) [email protected]
1-866-848-5846 (Payment Inquiries)