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History and Background

In 2017, ITK’s Board of Directors passed a resolution supporting the establishment of a university in Inuit Nunangat, implementing a key recommendation of the National Strategy on Inuit Education. This initiative is intended to provide post-secondary educational opportunities in Inuit Nunangat that reflect and support Inuit culture, society and priorities.

The National Inuit Committee on Education (NICE) overseeing this initiative determined to establish an Inuit Nunangat university that would act as a cultural and economic engine, foster a robust society, build research capacity, and increase access to post-secondary opportunities that are grounded in Inuit language and Inuit ways of knowing.

Sivummut: A Way Forward

INUTF’s vision, mission and goals for the university are established in a strategic plan called Sivummut (July 2022). The main objectives are to establish the governing structure, principles of education and research, initial programming areas and delivery models, the location(s) of the university, and ways in which to inform and engage community.


An Inuit self-determined future in Inuit Nunangat driven and sustained by asserting leadership in our own education and research.


An Inuit Nunangat university that will lead with Inuit language, culture and values to:

  • Expand post-secondary opportunities in Inuit Nunangat
  • Honour diversity of knowledge and peoples
  • Foster a thriving society in our evolving world
  • Act as an economic engine for our communities
  • Build Inuit led research capacity

Development Areas

  • Governance & Certification
  • Philosophy & Programming
  • Communications & Engagements
  • Financing & Infrastructure

Inuit Nunangat University Taskforce

In 2022, ITK formed the Inuit Nunangat University Task Force (INUTF). Reporting to the National Inuit Committee on Education (NICE) and ITK Board of Directors, INUTF is the initial advisory and support group for the visioning of the Inuit Nunangat University. The role of the task force is to ensure Inuit experiences and views are heard and presented to shape future development of the Inuit Nunangat University.

Partner Organizations

ITK President Natan Obed and Mastercard Foundation President and CEO Reeta Roy meet in ITK’s offices in 2022

Engagements and Publications