Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait Converter

Easily Convert Text Written in a Regional Orthography into the Unified Inuktut Writing System

Convert Text Written from Syllabics or other Regional Orthographies into the Unified Inuktut Writing System

Convert an Entire Document

To convert the text of an entire document to the Unified Inuktut Writing System, follow the steps below.
This utility works only with files ending with .txt (.docx does not work).

Step 1, Choose writing system and file:

  • Any
  • Any
  • Syllabics: Eastern Nunavut
  • Syllabics: Nunavik
  • Syllabics: Western Nunavut
  • Nunatsiavummiutut
  • Inuinnaqtun
  • Inuvialuktun
  • Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait
  • ICI roman orthography

Step 2, Choose File:
(maximum 2 megabytes)
Step 3, press Upload:

  • Inuvialuktun (roman)
  • Inuinnaqtun (roman)
  • Western Nunavut syllabics
  • Eastern Nunavut syllabics
  • ICI roman
  • Nunavik syllabics
  • Nunatsiavut (roman)

About Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait

Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait is a unified orthography: a common set of characters that can be used in to write any dialect of Inuktut, the Inuit language. The orthography is representative of all Inuktut sounds. This way speakers of any dialect from any region can write using Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait while still following the pronunciation that they use in their own dialects. The orthography was developed by ITK’s Atausiq Inuktut Titirausiq working group to help ease written communication in Inuktut among the different regions of Inuit Nunangat.

What does the converter do?

The Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait Converter automatically converts regional orthographic text typed or copied and pasted by users into Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait, or the other way around. This tool does not translate words or meanings between dialects, it only converts the letters between different writing systems to help with readability. The words and their pronunciation will still reflect the dialect the text was originally written in.


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