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National Inuit Strategy on Research

The National Inuit Strategy on Research (NISR) targets governments, academia, and research institutions and identifies areas for partnership and action that can strengthen the impact, efficacy, and usefulness of Inuit Nunangat research for Inuit.


The NISR promotes a shared understanding of the legacy of Inuit Nunangat research and connects this legacy to current research practices. It defines Inuit expectations for the role of research in our regions and communities, and identifies areas for participation and action between Inuit and the research community. For far too long, researchers and research institutions have been the primary beneficiaries of Inuit Nunangat research, despite the present and ongoing need for Inuit-specific data and information that can be used to shape solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Inuit Nunangat research is too often governed, resourced, and carried out in a manner that limits Inuit participation, marginalizing Inuit from the benefits of research. The National Inuit Strategy on Research seeks to remedy these problems. It identifies five priority areas in which coordinated action is necessary to facilitate Inuit Nunangat research that is effective, impactful, and meaningful to Inuit. Implementation of the NISR is called for directly in ITK’s 2020-2023 Strategy and Action Plan, Objective 6—to “Empower Inuit through research and data and information access, ownership and dissemination” .

Inuit recognize the important role research can play in informing actions that create safer, healthier, and more resilient communities. We have long insisted that researchers and research institutions respect Inuit self-determination in research through partnerships that enhance the effectiveness, impact, and usefulness of research for our communities. The National Inuit Strategy on Research identifies the specific actions and partnerships required to achieve this goal.

Natan ObedPresident of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami


The NISR was created to enhance research by Inuit, build research capacity in our communities, address our needs and contribute to our prosperity by providing Inuit with information, tools and resources necessary for good decision-making and to inform policies and programs that will help improve our social well being.

Advance Inuit governance in research

Enhance the ethical conduct of research

Align Funding with Inuit Research Priorities

Ensure Inuit access, ownership, and control over data and information

Build capacity in Inuit Nunangat research


The NISR was developed in coordination with the Inuit Qaujisarvingat National Committee, which is made up of representatives of each of the voting and non-voting members of ITK’s Board of Directors.

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The NISR helps provide guidance for research by Inuit, for Inuit. The following programs are advancing Inuit self-determination in research.