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Anniumapkainiq Food Bank Committee

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
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Summary of the Initiative

Our goal is to provide food  for families in need in Gjoa Haven such as country food (frozen, dried, ground meat, ribs and filleted), caribou Meat, musk-ox meat and fish (char/trout) and other food items – dry goods, canned, frozen etc.


Housing crisis: overcrowded homes, homelessness, cost of living, unemployment, etc. Lack of funds to support collaboration due to other communities requesting for similar funds.

Traditional Knowledge

Country Foods Program
Hunter’s and Trapper’s Organization provides country food when available.

Sarah Kamimmalik


[email protected]

Lead Organization

Anniumapkainiq Food Bank Committee

Other Groups / Organizations

Roman Catholic Church
Community Wellness Centre (breakfast program)
Elders Lunch program
Moms and Tots program for prenatal and young mothers




Cash or food donations from some provincial areas.

Prizes/donations Government of Nunavut's Department of Economic Development and Transportation: Country Food Program