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Arctic Chef Certified

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Summary of the Initiative

Nunavut Raven Logistics Inc. is in the process of developing a smartphone app that tracks country food from origin to destination. Called “Arctic Chef,” and built with IBM’s blockchain technology, anyone with access to the blockchains’ key on the app will be able to see all relevant details of a specific shipment of country food. Examples include the name of the hunter who harvested the animal, the temperature it was stored, and the shipping temperature. NRLI drives value for customers by providing an easy-to-see record of country food’s history, from the land to the table.


Getting decision makers to understand this solution and the impact it will have. This is the foundation for a technology solution for the future. Funding is required to move this forward. Our IBM vetted solution was produced at a cost of 40K so far. This has been privately funded by our company as this issue is of obvious importance to all of Nunavut. We hope to build out the core infrastructure of the solution with your help.


We envision the solution will increase food safety regarding distribution and consumption of country food, and for a frame work that will allow real time communication to all stakeholders in the food security network. This will allow a stakeholder to know “the state of food security” at any given time and a trusted technology that can verify all aspects of the food supply chain. All information is transparent to those who are validated to know on the blockchain. updates are continuous and all projects can be integrated into the solution to know the “living ledger” is current and accurate.

Traditional Knowledge

Specific harvesting processes that can be used as a guide for hunters and will be the minimum requirement of the blockchain solution. Traditional knowledge can be transfered via the web and integrated into the smart contract requirements of the blockchain. all accessed from a smart phone application.

Suite #101 - Building #607 - queen Elizabeth Way Box 2099 Iqaluit Nunavut X0H 0H0 Canada

Joseph Toal

(867) 222-6994

[email protected]

Initiative Website

Initiative Timeline

9 Months Left
09/1/2019 09/1/2023

Lead Organization

  • Nunavut Raven Logistics inc.
Other Groups / Organizations
  • government of Nunavut - ED&T - 60k contribution if raising 90K for complete build
Other Collaborators

  • We are a consulting company that brings in expertise per project. See attached relationship document
  • SIA – Arrow – IBM are all part of our solution offerings.

Primary Goals

  • To guarantee food safety in the arctic and then provide a distribution solution to lower food security issues while ensuring priority is to Inuit peoples regarding safe distribution of Country food.(Sovereignty) Vetted IBM solution to follow if interested. Nunavut Raven Logistics Inc.’s (NRLI) goal over the next four years is to use a blockchain solution to safely move country food (hunted game) from its origin to destination markets. Our intent is to build or adapt a network for use by all stakeholders to build a “living ledger” of all transactions regarding country food on a blockchain. See IBM food trust network. The same system Walmart uses in their food trust network developed by IBM. As a blockchain is transparent and immutable all transactions can be verified in real time. From here one can build out the distribution system ensuring the best possible solution for food security.


  • Other
    • government assistance – as stated

Funding Sources

  • EDT promise of 60K if we raise additional 90K = total cost of 150K to build out the primary solution. This will allow follow up projects that bring in advance analytics and augmented intelligence to look at forward predictability based on climate change conditions and events that can have adverse effects on the food chain. This can bring forward future solutions for problems yet unforeseen.