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Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

This program teaches pregnant mothers and with children up to 1 year and supporting family members to cook healthy meals in the home. We encourage breast feeding and educating on why we need healthy meals. We also have a food hamper program. We have guidelines as to which foods are approved for healthy meals. With some of the monies we buy local food like fish. We also buy gas for hunters to go out on the land to hunt caribou and musk oxen. The workers teach the young mothers how to properly cut up a whole caribou and store for future use.
We also have sewing classes in which the mothers sew traditional clothing for their families like mitts and mukluks.


Cut backs.


Mothers are now learning how to cook healthy meals, try different healthy good tasting recipes, learning how to substitute wild meats in recipes, and try different foods.
With sewing, mothers get together and discuss common concerns like breast feeding, common child rearing solutions and learn how to sew warm clothing for their families.
They are more open to try new things when in a group of peers.

Traditional Knowledge

With the animals harvested, the mothers are taught how to properly cut up and prepare the meats and fish for proper storage. It is then shared with the group to take home.
With the sewing the moms are taught how to make traditional mitts and mukluks for their family. A variety of skins are used like seal, rabbit, beaver etc. They also have a choice to embroider traditional fancy moccasins.

107 Mackenzie Road Inuvik Northwest Territories X0E0T0 Canada

Beverly Esau

(186) 777-7702

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Local Hunters & trappers Associations, Local Community Corporations
  • When community hunts go on I ask if they could donate some meat to the CPNP programs.
Primary Goals

  • Cooking healthy meals in the home for pregnant moms and with children up to 1 year.


  • Longer Term (over 1 year)

Funding Sources

  • Government of the Northwest Territories.