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Christmas Baskets

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

We identify all the families that have financial challenges in the seven communities of the Ungava Bay.
We then, according to the number of family members in each targeted family, we prepare them a Christmas basket.
All the Christmas baskets are similar in content except for the quantities. Quantities are standardised accordingly to the number of members in each family.
The project is managed from Kuujjuaq. The purchases are done in each community. The social workers and the wellness workers do the distribution in the communities except in Kuujjuaq where the nutritionist of the Ungava Tullatavik Health Center (in charge of the Christmas baskets project) do the purchasing and the distribution for Kuujjjuaq families. In total we serve approximately 250 families in the seven communities. The project is very well received by the communities.


The logistic of the purchases/payment and distribution of the baskets.


The psychological aspect of the activity (families can have a traditional Christmas meal). The families appreciate the initiative.
Improve the bonds between the health workers (who do the distribution) and their communities.

Ungava Tullatavik Health Center PO BOX 149 Kuujjuaq Nunavik (Quebec) J0M 1C0 Canada

Alain Ishac

(819) 964-2905 x556

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Ungava Tullatavik Health Center / Nutrition
Other Groups / Organizations
  • The Ungava Tullatavik Health Center (UTHC) with its CLSCs of the seven communities of the Ungava Bay (Nunavik, Quebec)
Primary Goals

  • Offer the basic foods necessary to prepare a Christmas meal for the families in need.


  • Other
    • Food insecurity budget.

Funding Sources

  • The regional Board of Nunavik