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Summary of the Initiative

Co-operatives are owned by the people they serve. Through the democratic process, they provide a means to have the business serve to better meet the needs of the Members, and NOT to simply increase shareholder wealth through the maximization of profits.

The Co-op Principle of Training, Education and Information compels us as co-operators to develop the skills of people, be these in management, technical or governance capacity.

When well managed and supported, Co-ops generate a net savings (profit) which is available to be returned to the Members in the form of patronage and cash back. In some successful Co-ops, Co-op equity is redeemed in a elder’s pension program. The money generated in the Co-op stays in the community for the betterment of the community. In cases where the Co-op is the only store in the community or has a dominant market position, the Co-op has the ability to set direction on pricing in such a manner that social outcomes can be considered in pricing practices.


-Understanding of Co-op Model
-Stable and competent management
-Access to capital


57 year history of providing a means for ordinary people to work together to meet a common goal.

Traditional Knowledge

Through the election process for local Co-op Directors, the incorporation of traditional knowledge can be incorporated into the governance model of the Co-op.

1645 Inkster Blvd Winnipeg Mb R2X 2W7 Canada

Lilian Choi

(204) 697-2243

[email protected]

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Initiative Timeline

7974 Years Left
01/1/1959 04/25/9999

Lead Organization

  • 32 Member Co-ops in Nunavut, NWT and Yukon
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Too many to list.
Other Collaborators

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Primary Goals

  • Mission Statement
  • The mission of Arctic Co operatives Limited is to be the vehicle for service to, and co-operation among the multi-purpose Co-operative businesses in Canada’s north, by providing leadership and expertise to develop and safeguard the ownership participation of our Member Owners in the business and commerce of their country, to assure control over their own destiny.
  • Co-op System – Vision Statement
  • The Co-operatives in Canada’s north share a vision of people working together to improve their social and economic well-being.
  • We pursue this vision through democratically controlled Co-operative businesses that operate on the values of fairness, equality, self responsibility and mutual self-help.
  • Co-operatives believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.