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Fill your stomache

Initiative Types:
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Summary of the Initiative

There is lack of healthy food, daily in many homes and families. I would like to bring resources and information to help reduce the lack of food in the stomachs of many people.


Challenges are getting healthy foods, because of our location.( Very scarce of fruits and vegetables) But we have plenty of country food out in the land and we want to get hunters and women hunt and provide for the project above.


Success is to provide healthy food, healthy recipes, and as for the hunters and women they have a positive fulfillment by being out in the land and knowing they have made this project a success.

Traditional Knowledge

Traditional knowledge will be incorporated because it is our main food, elders, hunter and women will be part of the knowledge of what and which country foods is edible and how to prepare.

Ivujivik Quebec J0M1H0 Canada

Annie Kumarluk

(819) 922-3096

[email protected]

Initiative Timeline

5 Years Left
06/28/2018 07/1/2018

Lead Organization

  • Inuulitsivik Hospital
Other Groups / Organizations
  • I work for Inuulitsivik Hospital but I am based in Ivujivik as the community liaison wellness worker.
Primary Goals

  • Goal is to prepare healthy meals, meal planning and adequate food.


  • Other
    • We request funding for short or long term events.