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Food insecurity

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

Family will do grocery with a nurse or someone train to show them how to read labels or to choose between different ingredient. After, families will be invite to cook different and new recipe with some of the items that were bought. Give them opportunities to learn cooking skills. For each recipe a portion will be done to be able to deliver it to a elder does not have tha functional capacities to provide regular food.

Second part of the project, some high school classes, will be able to learn cost portion by cooking meals and delivering them to different persons in need.

If possible, to answer to different needs some element of non-perissable food will be provide to answer sporadic needs.


Physical place to do cooking activities,
To proper adress to sporadic needs, because there is a lot of people who do not eat to their needs,
Cost reduction program on frozen pizza or kraft dînner lunch


Distribution of food to vulnerable population, people really feel that their having a supplement impact

Dispensary, Salluit, Salluit Qc J0M 1S0 Canada

Cyril Gabreau

(819) 255-8439

[email protected]

Initiative Timeline

7 Years Left
07/1/2016 07/1/2017

Lead Organization

  • Cyril Gabreau
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Community nurse (principal leader and in charge of the project)
  • Classe IPL (individual ways of learning) preparation of meal for elders.
  • (Eventually a community group, to support those learning healthy eating behaviour)
Other Collaborators

  • Municipality,
  • (Future: Family house)

Primary Goals

  • Provide information on healthy food choice, learning new recipe, provide food change behaviour, produce portion meals for elders that are not able to eat to their needs.


  • Short term (up to 1 year)

Funding Sources

  • Regional Board
  • (We are exploring the possibility to find more source of sponsors.)