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Homelessness Kitchen

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
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Summary of the Initiative

Once a week we have the kitchen open to the people at the youth centre. We have a up to 22 people attend at one time, they prepare the food, have discussions on the day and socialize with each other. We have had this program since 2013 and it has helped out a lot of people in the community. We also have them bring their kids once a week to have fun at the youth centre.


No challenges with the program – it is very out going by having people spend time together, providing opportunities to share, talk and tell stories.


Having a lot of people attending and bringing food home for their families and also to have the people tell stories and just hang out with each other.

Traditional Knowledge

Once a week people bring their own traditional food and cook it with the others – this also encourages the participants to bring their own food if they can, like char, caribou meat, geese, muktuk and muskox meat.

Paulatuk NT X0E1N0

Gilbert Thrasher Jr

(867) 580-3926

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Northwest Territories Housing Association.
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Hamlet of Paulatuk oversees the program and applies for the funding - the hamlet Employment Officer is the administrator of the program.
Other Collaborators

  • Nutrition North

Primary Goals

  • To provide food for the people that can’t afford to put the food on the table and also to teach how to cook healthy food.


  • Other
    • Program funding for 3 years $ 15,000.00

Funding Sources

  • Northwest Territories Housing Association