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Ikurraq Food Bank (Deacons Cupboard)

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

Volunteers open the Food bank Wednesdays of each week from 5:30-6:30.  We have a second hand store in which community members donate cloths and household goods are sold at a minium price.  People who use the food bank are often those who also buy from the store.  We consider this a win – win situation as the store profits are used to buy groceries.


The high cost of groceries, transporting groceries to the food bank, continuously recruiting volunteers.


We are able to stay open year round. Providing country food to those who might not normally have the opportunity to hunt for themselves. Collaborating with other organizations and people to make the food bank a success.

Traditional Knowledge

We value the Inuit Qaujmajauqanginnik Tukimuagutit (IQ).

For example:

1.Qanuqtuurunarniq is the principle of being resourceful to solve problems. Our second hand store is a way that we have ensured that some monies are being brought in to help with the groceries each week.

2.Piliriqatigiingniq is the concept of collaborative relationship or working together for a common purpose.Rankin Inlet community members all participate in helping to keep the food bank going, whether it is through volunteering their time, organizing fund raising activities and just personally contributing groceries and dropping them off to be distributed.

3. Aajiiqatigiingniq is the concept of consensus decision-making. Just this past year, we have become incorporated under the Societies Act of Nunavut. We have a board of directors and am establishing a membership so the Food bank / second hand store are financially transparent and all major decisions are made as a community and not only by a few individuals.

4. Pijitsirarniq is the concept of serving. We have dedicated volunteers who serve to their best ability and show great commitment to our community.

Rankin Inlet Nunavut X0C 0G0

Mary Fredlund

(867) 645-3785 (daytime), (867)-645-2646 (evening)

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Ikurraq Food bank and Deacons Cupboard
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Hunters and Trappers association provides country food to the Rankin Inlet Meat Plant and in turn they package the country food for distribution for 16 -20 weeks during the winter months. Holy Comforter Anglican Church donates space when possible and the food bank helps out with the fuel bill. Other groups such as Hamlet, local businesses and individuals contributed money or actual groceries at different times during the year.
Primary Goals

  • To help provide food for those who are stretching the dollar from pay-check to pay-check. To provide access to food (not subsidize) for people who cannot afford the high cost of food


  • Donations

Funding Sources

  • EDM provides funding for the Hunters and Trappers country food distribution.