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Kugaaruk Food bank

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
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Summary of the Initiative

We run a bingo every second month to raise funds to buy the supplies for the food bank. The demand often can outlast supplies in just one day, and limited supplies can be bought due to high cost of food in the North and because we buy all supplies at our local store. Our effort is to try and stop the hunger in our community, most of all with babies and children.


Very hard to keep it open, due to ability to stock food to meet the community needs (too expensive).


Volunteers that help each other without asking for nothing in return.
Also seeing people who are going home with a bit of food for their family.

Traditional Knowledge

Our local people hunt and when they have enough meat, they give meat and fish to our local food bank for the people who do not have any hunting equipment, For example, ATV or snowmobile.
Our tradition is to give food for free, so we do keep this going.

Kugaaruk nunavut X0B1K0 Canada

Lucy Immingark

(867) 769-7821

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Kugaaruk Food bank
Primary Goals

  • To help stop the hunger experienced by members of the community.


  • Donations

Funding Sources

  • Running bingo every second month is our source of funding and only option.