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Kuujjuaq Community Kitchen

Initiative Types:
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Summary of the Initiative

Kuujjuaq Community Kitchen Project is a Nutritional Promotion, Diabetes Prevention, Health Relationships and Safety Program. The activities are to take place at Katitavik Centre (N.V.), local arena and at the school, as well as Youth Centre. The program is to be open three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6PM to 9:00PM every week for 38 weeks. Partners at Schools, CLSC, Kativik Regional Government, Northern Village of Kuujjuaq, Air Inuit/First air, Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, Brighter Future and Quebec en Forme. The project is also to learn to create recipes using local ingredients and country food and introduce new cooking methods. Teach hygiene and proper sanitation of cooking area and kitchen equipment

Traditional Knowledge

By hiring Inuit cook and assistant cooks. Local hunters for the kitchen.

Kuujjuaq Quebec Canada

Daisy N. Saunders

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Northern Village of Kuujjuaq
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Brighter Futures
  • Quebec en Forme
  • Kativik Regional Government (E & T)
  • Kativik Regional Development Council
  • Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services
Other Collaborators

  • Jaanimmarik School and Education Committee

Primary Goals

  • Community kitchen objective is to help individuals and families create healthy meals, find new cooking methods with local country food, share knowledge of cultural and traditional cooking, and bring individuals and families in a friendly and inviting environment.