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Kuujjuaq Greenhouse

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
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Summary of the Initiative

The Kuujjuaq Greenhouse is a community garden. Under the Municipality, the “Kuujjuaq greenhouse committee” overseas all planning and ground operations.
The community’s two greenhouses are divided by plots which are offered to all residents of Kuujjuaq for one season. In the fall, names are drawn and Plots are allocated for the next year. Typically, gardeners are growing vegetables for their family / relatives / friends. Some plot users join their efforts together to make a collective garden which are deemed to be more productive. Users having too much harvest in a given week are distributing it to the community.
Another component of this initiative is the Composting project. A reintegration program has been put in place to produce compost that is used in the greenhouse. The “raw” materials are collected from institutions such as the grocery stores and other major vegetable waist producers.

Other projects are on the drawing table of the committee such as a potato field project.

Kuujjuaq Canada

Marc-Andre Lamontagne

[email protected]

Initiative Timeline

8 Years Left
05/1/2015 10/30/2015

Lead Organization

  • Northern Village of Kuujjuaq
Other Groups / Organizations
  • Northern Village of Kuujjuaq: Greenhouse owner. Takes care of electricity costs, water delivery, repairs. Also deals with the compost program salaries of the reintegration program’s workers (clients of Ungava supervised apartments).
  • Kativik Regional Government: through one of its programs, have paid for the new greenhouse, some equipment and paid for a shredder for the composting program.
  • Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services: Paying for the salaries of the compost program salaries of the reintegration program’s workers. (The money is sent to the municipality to be dealt with)
  • Local firefighters: Building part of the composting site components and spring “mass watering” support for greenhouse dehydrated soil.
  • Ungava supervised apartments: This mental health resource not-for-profit organization takes care of all operations of the composting program. The clients of this resource are supervised by a in-house coordinator.
  • Local stores: Collecting and giving access to waste organic material for the composting project.
Other Collaborators

  • Kuujjuaq greenhouse committee (which is under N.V. mandate – volunteer members)
  • Three mandates:
  • Develop the greenhouse and agricultural projects in the community
  • Operate the greenhouse and other installations related to agriculture
  • Fairly manage the greenhouses and other installations related to agriculture

Primary Goals

  • Provide a well organized, safe place for Kuujjuamiut to garden