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Nunatsiavut Healthy Children Programs

Initiative Types:
Funding Sources:
Target Audience:

Summary of the Initiative

Nuantsiavut delivers a variety of childcare programs that promotes traditional healthy eating. This is done by activities such as daycare, family resources centres and other community initiatives .


lack of funding
high cost of food and gas
access to traditional food


-parents and children re eating healthy traditional food in programs
-parents like the concept of being able to credit traditional food to their daycare fee. and this gives the programs more access to traditional food .

Traditional Knowledge

traditional food is served at the programs. elder knowledge us used. parents can bring in traditional food as part of theier “credit” for the daycare fees. This can be fish, berries, etc..

Happy Valley- Goose bay 219 Kelland Drive Goose Bay

Jenny Lyall

(709) 896-4415

[email protected]

Lead Organization

  • Department of Health and Social Development
Primary Goals

  • providing traditional and healthy snacks to Inuit children and families
  • promotion of activities for healthy eating


  • Longer Term (over 1 year)

Funding Sources

  • PHAC
  • NL province