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Building Capacity to Address and Prevent Childhood Risk-Factors

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Funding Sources: National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy - Regional Innovation Fund
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Summary of the Initiative

The project sought to improve service delivery practices to reduce problematic substance use among Nunatsiavut’s parents/guardians through a systemic review of impacts of parental substance use on child well-being and family functioning; scoping review of couple and family intervention utilized in the context of parental substance use; in-depth consultation process with current service providers, Elders, couples, and families; in-depth needs assessment regarding interventions and supports for couples, families, and children; multi-model intervention plan to address parental substance use; and, targeted training for implementation. 

It also sought to improve service delivery practices to provide clinical intervention services to Nunatsiavut’s vulnerable children through consultation with health, social, and educational service providers and stakeholders to identify the level of need for child specialist services; service delivery assets and gaps; the referral process, timeline, and fluidity; and, solutions/strategies to addressing deficits and challenges.

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Nunatsiavut Government