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Nain Youth Centre

Initiative Types:
Funding Types:
Funding Sources: National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy - Mental Wellness Enhancement Fund
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Summary of the Initiative

The Youth Center has offered activities of:

  •  Providing a safe, supportive drop-in space in the evenings for all youth (13-30) in the community.
  • Providing a safe, supportive environment for youth (16-30) to be overnight, wherein there are very minimal restrictions to access.
  • Providing informal learning opportunities for life skills, including food preparation, resume writing, homework/studying, and making life choices.
  • Providing informal support to help youth strengthen personal skills including emotional regulation, communication skills, help-seeking behaviors, safe substance use/harm reduction, leadership, etc.
  • Connecting youth with available opportunities, be they personal, educational, or professional.

Youth Center staff are active in creating a safe and supportive environment for all, addressing issues of interpersonal tension, supporting youth in distress, helping with resumes or applications, teaching cooking, cleaning, and other life skills, and encouraging youth to fulfill their potential.  The positive relationships youth develop with staff and each other extend beyond the Youth Center, with youth asking staff when they will be next working and keeping tabs on where their friends are. Some youth identify the Youth Center as their ‘home’ and in times of community distress (such as that after a death) youth gather there, showing their trust in the space and people therein.

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Nunatsiavut Government