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Our Life’s Journey

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Funding Sources: National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy - Mental Wellness Enhancement Fund
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Summary of the Initiative

This project delivered Modules 1, 2, and 3 of Our Life’s Journey (OLJ): the Inuit Counsellors’ Training and Mentorship Program (which has 5 total modules). OLJ provides mentorship and counselling training to program participants who intend to provide counselling services to the people of Nunavut. The goal was to increase the availability of culturally and linguistically relevant counselling services in Nunavut. They want to increase the number of trained Inuit counsellors that are able to provide counselling services in Inuktitut. 


The OLJ program combines the best of traditional Inuit knowledge and counselling practices with the best of southern Canada’s knowledge and counselling practices. Inuit language, culture, values, traditions, stories, histories and ancestral components are incorporated into the program by consulting with and by having Elders present and facilitate parts of the program.

The OLJ program utilizes a holistic, practice-based, strengths-focused, participant-centered and determined approach. The program provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to counsel people to strive to be productive, responsible, well-balanced individuals. Special focus is given to helping people address the negative impacts of rapid social change, addictions, grief, trauma and abuse including self harm and suicidal ideation.

OLJ program also addresses counselling fundamentals, counselling practice and theories; self care, self awareness, self management and responsibility; Inuit knowledge, counselling and interventions; Inuit history; family, community and social systems.

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