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Sexual Violence Prevention/ Outreach

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Funding Sources: National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy - Mental Wellness Enhancement Fund
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Summary of the Initiative

The Sexual Violence and Outreach project has completed work in two major domains: the development and facilitation of workshops and provision of services to sexual offenders.  Upon starting in August, our staff lead began immediately in making appropriate connections, identifying knowledge gaps, and developing suitable workshops.  The delivery of workshops and engagement in knowledge sharing has been occurring ever since and will be on-going.  

Several of these workshops have been offered on multiple occasions.  In addition to the structured workshops, the staff lead has been involved with other groups (eg. Youth Group and Adult Support Group), thereby sharing knowledge in a more informal basis and further building connection and knowledge pertinent to Sexual Violence Prevention and Outreach work. 

The staff lead has also been active in the delivery of services to sexual offenders.  This work has included building relationships and rapport with referral agents (eg. probations, correctional centers, and other service providers), receiving referrals, and providing services.

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Nunatsiavut Government