We are governed by leaders of Inuit rights-holding land claims organizations. We advocate for Inuit rights and interests through our relationship with the Crown. We are responsible for communicating a unified Inuit perspective on the issues affecting our population, and for ensuring that Inuit are consulted and accommodated where our Indigenous and other treaty rights stand to be affected by Crown decisions.


We carry out and oversee research that informs federal agencies, lawmakers and other stakeholders about the status of Inuit as well as the effectiveness of current policies and programs. The role that we play in research helps ensure that federal agencies, lawmakers and other stakeholders are informed about the issues we care about, and that policies or interventions impacting Inuit are effective and based on evidence.

Policy Guidance

We provide guidance to federal agencies, lawmakers and other stakeholders on social and cultural policy. For example, our 2011 National Strategy on Inuit Education and 2013 Inuit-Specific Tuberculosis Strategy are policy roadmaps to realizing Inuit aspirations about these issues. The documents provide Inuit-specific policy guidance to provincial, territorial and regional governments seeking to influence these issues.

Public Education

We educate Canadians about Inuit priorities and concerns by creating resources that foster support for the work our people are carrying out at various levels of government. Our publications frame complex issues such as mental health, educational attainment and food security for a public as well as policy audience. Sharing our knowledge influences the design as well as allocation of services and supports.

Unifying Inuit

We contribute to a shared sense of political and cultural identity among Inuit across Canada through the work we do. We unify our small population through our political advocacy, public outreach and education about the common issues facing our people. Our ability to foster a shared sense of identity among our small population spread across a vast space continues to be the cornerstone of our success as an organization.